Analytics projects can be conducted either before, or in parallel with deployment. Using a client’s back book of policies and outcomes, data is appended retrospectively to assess its impact and build a business case based on optimal deployment for your unique customer profiles and distribution.

Given that your business may already use enrichment, it is important to identify both the overlaps and incremental benefit of Percayso data. Analytics projects separate each line of business and lifecycle stage as well as assessing the impact on fraud, claims, early cancellations and renewals. We typically conduct analytics projects collaboratively and in partnership with our clients focussed on mutual goals. This enables the core strengths of each analytics team to be effectively utilised for a greater gain. We also recognise the sensitivity around your customer data and, as such, to ensure confidentiality, compliance and protect your IP we have formulated a specific process and way of working to overcome any issues enabling our two organisations to work together harmoniously toward our shared objectives.

We also ensure there are no ‘black box’ processes or techniques and are entirely transparent with how we arrive at any outcomes, models, scores or summaries.

For new businesses, or established ones that want to get started straight away, Percayso have a range of generic strategies available to expedite deployment until the analytics results are available to increase effectiveness.

Analytics projects are conducted using traditional regression combined with the latest machine learning and AI techniques to extract maximum value and as the data is used in a live environment, feedback is automatically gathered to tune and refine your data strategy ensuring it remains optimal.

Full management information and a real-time dashboard allow clients to observe their business at any time and to be alerted to evolving trends and broader portfolio performance.