Percayso Inform is proud to announce that it has been appointed to develop and deliver a bespoke data enrichment solution to support the revolutionary new motor insurer, Zixty.

Zixty provides a fully-digital customer experience initially offering short term private vehicle insurance from 60 minutes to 28 days. The easy-to-use Zixty app not only provides both quote and cover but also calculates carbon footprint for miles driven while on cover and, if they opt in to Zixty Miles, then offsets the carbon footprint generated through its partnership with accredited tree planting organisations.

Commenting on the partnership, Andy James, Co-Founder and CEO of Zixty says: “We want to offer something different for customers that have an environmental conscience and would like to make a difference at no cost to themselves. Giving a great price to our customers and protecting our insurers requires powerful and accurate data. While there are a number of data partners active in the insurance market some of whom I’ve worked with in the past, the level of flexibility that Percayso offered is vital.”

The Percayso solution will allow Zixty to draw data at the point of quote through Percayso’s API from multiple sources to better understand both the customer and their vehicle to deliver fairer, more flexible pricing. The infrastructure that Percayso has built has the capability to handle millions of transactions a day, delivering responses in milliseconds.

“Our modular insight as a service proposition has been designed to allow insurance providers of all sizes at all stages of their business to make a step change in their customer insight,” says Percayso Inform Managing Director, Rich Tomlinson. “We’re delighted to partner with Zixty to help them deliver fair pricing to their customers and optimal performance to their insurance providers.”