Broker Direct is a Chartered Insurer, MGA and wholesale broker distributing and administering products focused on the UK Personal Lines market. Proficient a Broker Direct business is an outsourced provider specialising in the Insurance sector offering product development, premium administration, agency management and claims handling.

Broker Direct works with Percayso Vehicle Intelligence (PVI) to access real-time data from the largest UK vehicle database. The business integrates with our powerful APIs to gain access to hundreds of data fields, including real-time valuations, market sales data and rich vehicle history.

Ann Golder, Operations Director at Broker Direct, said integrating vehicle valuation insights into their claims process has made valuations and settlements clear and straightforward. The team at Broker Direct benefit from:

  • Easy access to insights and high-volume data from the world’s largest vehicle database.
  • Full integration of data to existing Broker Direct systems and workflows.
  • Complete 360 insight to evidence fair and accurate customer valuations and settlements.

The problem

Like most players in the insurance industry, Broker Direct needed access to real-time, accurate and up-to-date data so that they were able to process fair settlements and provide accurate valuations. This valuation data was required predominately at the total loss stage but also for predetermination of the total loss to get an accurate valuation.

This would require access to many sources of vehicle history and market data, ranging from finance agreements, contact information and valuations to previous listings, plate ownership and market and reseller comparisons.

The need

With existing in-house claims systems and a development team at Broker Direct, the business needed an integrated solution that could pull in new data quickly via an API and embed it into existing processes and systems.

As the data would also be utilised to compare and validate market data to finalise valuations and claims, the emphasis needed to be on the PVI data being accurate, real-time and up-to-date. This would give Broker Direct a precise picture of what was happening in the market and the data transparency to make a decision.

The solution

Using Percayso’s modern APIs for easy integration and quicker deployment, Broker Direct could access the data required on their existing systems, familiar to their end users. The data was easy to access, complete and well presented, and also gave the user an indication of whether to proceed or proceed with caution.

The integration went smoothly, allowing the team to use the system and access the data quickly. In addition, the resilient infrastructure allowed for low latency results at scale with instant access to the data.

“The results make life a lot easier for valuations and disputes.  For fairness with settlements, we’ve got the confidence that it is the valuation in the market because of the way you’re harvesting the data, it is accurate and current.”
– Ann Golder, Operations Director, Broker Direct

The impact

Using their claims system and the PVI API, Broker Direct today is able to enhance their data offering by accessing the required data (valuation, provenance etc) to make decisions quickly, such as whether to triage, repair or class as a total loss and assign an accurate and fair market valuation.

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