Sabre Insurance works with Percayso Vehicle Intelligence to access real-time data from the largest UK vehicle database. They use the Companion tool to turn multiple, complex vehicle data sources into tangible vehicle valuation insights.

Sabre Insurance Group pls is a premium listed motor insurance insurer with a diversified, multi-channel distribution strategy selling policies through a broad network of brokers and direct brands: Go Girl, Insure 2 Drive and Drive Smart.

Trevor Webb, Claims Director at Sabre Insurance said that using vehicle valuation insights enhanced their claims process at Sabre Insurance. His team can:

  • Settle third-party claims fairly and quickly.
  • Access the whole market of vehicle valuations with a detailed history timeline.
  • Use real-time vehicle valuations to align with the Financial Ombudsman process and minimise disputes and support good customer outcomes.

The problem

Like many in the insurance industry, Sabre Insurance faced the challenge of gaining and accessing reliable data and information to generate accurate and fair vehicle valuations. Sabre Insurance identified that they needed real-time and accurate and evidenced based vehicle values to understand all potential impacts on their vehicle valuations and better manage the customer experience.

The need

“Real-time data provides better insight into how vehicles genuinely trade, analysing the whole market, advertised values as well as sold prices, giving Sabre access to real-time accurate valuations in their whole claims process.”– Trevor Webb, Claims Director – Sabre Insurance

Vehicle values have moved significantly in the last few years with the changing market conditions, especially during the pandemic (2020 – 2022).

  1. As Sabre uses an external supplier to manage their claims, they needed a way to benchmark the claim’s value accurately and instantly to understand the claim value before a full assessment has been undertaken.
  2. Access to up-to-date data enables teams to value theft claims in cases with no vehicle to inspect and provides an accurate mileage adjusted valuation along with evidence and information for conversations with the customer.
  3. In low-value third-party claims, PVI values are used to settle claims quickly and fairly.
  4. Sabre align themselves with the Financial Ombudsman valuation process and use PVI valuations to avoid claim valuation dispute

The solution

Percayso Vehicle Intelligence’s Companion tool provides essential vehicle valuation data and insights to help Sabre Insurance write fair and accurate valuations.

Sabre Insurance shared that by using the comprehensive tool, they can understand a vehicle’s value against similar listings and get the complete picture from its detailed history timeline

They could see a clear vehicle history, comparable listings and a vehicle valuation based on real-time data from the whole retail market. Features used to achieve these outcomes include access to the pricing index, vehicle history timeline, valuation certificate, market overview, detailed sales event and full provenance features.

“It’s an easy-to-use tool that provides insights about individual vehicle valuations, which we might not necessarily get from anywhere else. Our teams using the tool find it extremely helpful having access to accurate and up-to-date data, particularly to enhance customer outcomes and minimise valuation disputes.” — Trevor Webb, Claims Director – Sabre Insurance

The impact

The ongoing impact for Sabre Insurance is based on using the Companion tool to provide a fair value to the end customer when dealing with vehicle damage. The business is leveraging real-time valuation data to enhance their third-party process, ensure settlement costs remain competitive and provide accurate and validated valuations to deliver a better customer experience.

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