Thatcham Research is the UK’s only not-for-profit automotive risk intelligence organisation. Focused on safety, security and sustainable repair, Thatcham Research is a key player in the global automotive industry. Their Automotive Academy is uniquely positioned to provide training and continuous professional development for both apprentices at the start of their career and for technicians and engineers looking to update their skills, from ages 16 to 65+.

Thatcham Research utilises Percayso Vehicle Intelligence (PVI) to access vehicle data for their training courses for apprentices. Tasked with providing up-to-date and accurate vehicle damage assessments, the data is used in training to establish vehicle valuation and total loss risk.

Jamie Brown, Automotive Technical Trainer at Thatcham Research, said integrating Percayso’s vehicle valuation data into their apprenticeship scheme has made vehicle damage assessments far easier and straightforward. The apprentices were able to benefit from:

  • Access to live vehicle valuation data, allowing confident assessment of vehicle damage.
  • An easy-to-use and straightforward data tool with simple input fields and provision of analysis and documentation.
  • A real-life, comprehensive source of information to access during assessments.

The need

Thatcham Research prides itself on being at the forefront of vehicle safety, security, and sustainability by delivering industry-leading consultancy and research, data-driven insight, and training and testing capabilities. To achieve this, it’s critical that they can access data-driven intelligence to better understand risk and ultimately make better, more informed decisions.

“These decisions need to be made accurately and within a set time frame (specifically for assessment) which is why an easy to use valuation tool is key to training delivery and ultimately working towards a successful assessment outcome.”
– Jamie Brown, Automotive Technical Trainer

The solution

One area of their business that is particularly relevant is in their apprenticeship scheme and assessment centre, where individuals are training to become Vehicle Damage Assessors.

“It’s so easy to use because you just access the online tool, input your search details such as registration number and mileage and then gain instant access to your results. I think it’s probably one of the quickest valuation tools I’ve used.”
– Jamie Brown, Automotive Technical Trainer

Having visibility and access to relevant and live vehicle intelligence in a single place ensured the apprentices became familiar with real-world data tools rather than using scenario or hypothetical data sources in their learning. They could access detailed vehicle history and market data and gain a vehicle valuation with evidence to support it.

“As part of their assessment, they need to look at the damage around the vehicle and figure out whether it’s a total loss or not. They do that by valuing the vehicle, using the data to see its value, how much the repair costs are, and then decide if it will be a total loss or not.”
– Jamie Brown, Automotive Technical Trainer

The impact

Percayso’s Vehicle Intelligence solution provided essential vehicle valuation data and insights to make accurate valuations. Accurate, quick, and easy to access, apprentices were able to make informed decisions based on real-time information, which is critical when the insurance industry is facing a significant rise in vehicle loss claims.

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