Unlike our last suspect, Tricky Tom, who almost exclusively manipulated price related fields, Shifty Sally has a different modus operandi altogether. Looking across her history from multiple quotes across different price comparison websites we can see that she has mainly changed fields related to her ID.


These include 3 changes of her driving licence number, 4 DOB changes and 3 email address changes. Each of these on their own would be suspicious but in combination certainly indicate that Sally is perhaps not who she is saying she is and has something to hide.

If we take this in combination with additional factors such as timing and frequency we start to build up a picture of a high risk individual that needs to be treated differently. This may mean additional checks need to be carried out, an additional price weighting is added to the quote or simply that the strategy is ‘no quote’.

An additional benefit of being able to identify and manage this behaviour, using Percayso’s solutions, is that it allows an insurer to actively discount the absence of such activity with greater confidence, thus winning better business, more often.

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