Insurtech MGA, Arma Karma, is the latest business to join the Percayso Inform data platform.

Due to launch later this summer, Arma Karma will offer renters a more flexible way of only protecting the things that matter the most to them on a Netflix-like subscription basis.

Ben Smyth, CEO and founder of Arma Karma, says: “Mainstream insurance offerings simply don’t reflect the very different needs and lifestyles of young renters. We’re confident that our approach is going to resonate with our target 18-34 year olds, but for it to work, it’s important that we align ourselves with partners who share a similar philosophy and ambition. 

“Access to accurate and powerful data is going to be fundamental to how we deliver our subscription offering and in Percayso Inform, we’re confident that we’ve found an equally forward-looking partner that can provide us with the insurance intelligence we need while helping ensure we’re sourcing that data responsibly.”

Rich Tomlinson, Managing Director of Percayso Inform says: “Consumers increasingly understand the power they quite rightly have over how their data is accessed and used. The consent journeys and portal that we have built takes a completely fresh approach that will empower Arma Karma to use data more accurately to benefit their customers. Ben and his team passionately care about serving their customers better and that really resonated with us. It’s a genuine pleasure to partner with a young team who want to use technology to make a difference that goes beyond the bottom line.”

Percayso Inform launched its next generation insurance intelligence platform at the beginning of the year. Harnessing the very latest techniques in data science and machine learning, allied with new powerful datasets enabled through a combination of GDPR and consent driven customer journeys, Percayso Inform can deliver up to an eight-fold improvement in predictive power.

About Arma Karma

Committed to transforming insurance – for good, Arma Karma are an ethical and agile insurance solution for the next generation. 

Based in Colchester, Essex, and the City of London, its growing team are set on thinking, and doing things differently.