Percayso Inform has teamed up with LINK Mobility UK, Europe’s leading provider of mobile communications, to help insurance providers combat fraudulent activity.

LINK Mobility is a specialist in SMS and Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging platform, One-time passwords (OTPs), digital services, and intelligent data usage.

Services also include a mix of fraud detection solutions including the ability to alert organisations that a mobile phone SIM has been swapped or a call has been forwarded to another number, both of which are common signs a criminal has stolen an identity and is impersonating a customer. As a result of the partnership, Percayso Inform’s customers will benefit from stronger security checks behind the scenes.

James O’Hare, Managing Director, LINK Mobility UK, believes this partnership couldn’t have come at a better time for consumers: “We’re delighted to be working with Percayso Inform at such a critical time for the insurance sector.

“In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more people buy, renew, and make insurance claims online or via their mobile. However, criminals have capitalised on digital trends too and are using technology to commit sophisticated scams. Insurers must therefore find ways to detect and flag fraudulent activity, so they protect their revenue and stay compliant without making the customer experience onerous.

“Our partnership with Percayso Inform now means insurers can detect fraud within seconds and alert authorities of criminal activity, without disrupting the service for legitimate customers. As a result, insurers will be able to save money that can be re-invested into innovative product design and improving the customer experience.”

James continues that Percayso Inform will become more competitive in the market as well: “Our services include access to intelligent data usage. This will give Percayso Inform clients access to better quality insights about their customers’ behaviour. Brands will then be able to act on the analysis and develop more compelling products and competitive pricing strategies.”

Percayso Inform MD, Rich Tomlinson, adds: “As mobile phones have become the primary contact point for most of us, fraudsters have been quick to realise any opportunity to gain access to an innocent party’s number and impersonate them to defraud insurers at the point of claim. SIM Swap and call forwarding are two recognised indicators that the person making a claim may not be who they say they are.

“Our new partnership with LINK UK will provide a valuable new tool to our clients to flag potential fraudulent activity and the enhanced insight this will deliver will further support their fraud prevention and pricing strategies.”