The next generation of insurance intelligence is now available to insurers and brokers with the launch of Percayso Inform.

Harnessing the very latest techniques in data science and machine learning, allied with new powerful datasets enabled through a combination of GDPR and consent driven customer journeys, Percayso Inform can deliver up to an eight-fold improvement in predictive capability when compared to the standard public bureau-based methods currently available to insurers and brokers.

Managing Director of Percayso Inform, Richard Tomlinson, says:

“The use of data enrichment techniques to enhance pricing strategies is a given and we’ve now arrived at a point where competitive advantage has all but disappeared, as every player has pretty much the same level of insight given the widespread use of public bureau data.

“We’re on a mission to enrich the view an insurer or broker has of their customer, in order to give them a clear advantage over their competition. Our ability to access multiple sources of credit bureau data adding the powerful private bureau datasets into the mix, will deliver a much more complete picture of an individual’s financial position and claim risk than any single public source. This goes way beyond anything else available and will help achieve better pricing to improve loss ratios and reduce fraud.”

Percayso Inform has undertaken some analysis work for motor specialist MGA, Pukka Insure and CEO Sam White says:

“From what we’ve seen from the preliminary analysis that Percayso Inform has undertaken for us, the insight they are able to deliver is way ahead of anything else currently available in the market. The ability to access an accurate, complete picture of each individual customer is essential to achieving an edge over the competition and it looks like Percayso Inform is able to do just that.”

The Percayso Inform team boasts an impressive number of data enrichment experts including founder and chairman, Simon James, who was one of the first to introduce credit bureau led data enrichment to the insurance industry a decade ago.