Non-standard motor specialist, Quote Detective (QD), has partnered with Percayso Inform, to gain access to Percayso’s extensive data feeds including credit bureau and CUE information.

This new partnership will deliver more comprehensive insights, better risk assessment, and ultimately, an enhanced service delivery for QD’s clients.

“In the increasingly competitive motor insurance marketplace, it has become clear that many large insurers and software houses all rely on the same validation checks. This has led to an increasingly cut throat market for customers who pass validations (clean credit scores) whilst condemning others to little competition and being underserved in terms of insurance provision,” explained QD CEO, David Harlow. “We’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve our services particularly to underserved customers. Partnering with Percayso allows us to deliver better quotes by accessing five year CUE and ID checks thereby delivering better more reliable pricing.”

QD now validates its customers against a five year track record and so if, for example, a customer has recently moved address (meaning no credit history at their address) then QD would take previous credit history into account.

In addition to this thorough validation on the proposer, QD has built supporting technology extending the five year validation to not only the proposer but also to all named drivers. This extra feature is bespoke to QD and unique in the market.

Harlow continued: “This partnership underscores QD’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the pricing of motor insurance. Together with Percayso Inform, QD is poised to redefine insurance intelligence – setting new standards of pricing and customer service.”

David Kelly, Commercial Director at Percayso, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the shared goal of delivering transformative insurance intelligence: “We’re excited to collaborate with David and his team and we’re committed to providing the latest enrichment and data services that will drive real change for insurance providers.”