At Percayso Inform we want to do things a little bit differently. 

Just as most Insurtechs worth their salt are laser focussed on the customer experience to differentiate themselves from the incumbent insurers, Percayso has set out to do exactly the same for our clients. 

Data enrichment has been around for many years, within insurance, and some would argue has always been a part of insurance risk pricing in different forms. The difference now is the quantity and breadth of data analysed, processed and delivered to the point of customer interaction – with increasing levels of sophistication as each insurance provider vies for an edge to beat their competition. 

The Percayso team has a depth of experience in this area and has set out to bring something truly unique to the market.

However, when we talk about what makes us different, we don’t take the usual approach of just talking about products. Yes, we have all the usual data sets, and quite a few new and unique ones as well. Yes, we have access to the latest talent and platforms in AI and machine learning, which allow us to extract more value from that data than ever before. But on its own, we don’t think that is enough to really stand out and to live and breathe the type of business we are.

What makes us different is why we do what we do and how.

The why

Finding your ‘why’ is crucial for any business and for us it was easy. 

Making a difference to our insurance partners’ businesses is the best way to make a difference to our own! 

Whether this is enabling a start-up MGA insurtech to compete with the big boys, by giving them access to all the necessary tools, or working with larger insurers and brokers to hone what they are already doing – the goal is the same – to make a difference to their business. 

The more we are able to qualify and quantify this the better – so we can be sure that the impact we have is real and the solutions we implement offer value and longevity to our clients. 

This may sound glaringly obvious but unfortunately we see and hear, from our insurance clients, that too many suppliers are not living by this mantra and their ‘why’ has become ‘to make more money’, ‘to grow by x%’ or ‘to shift more product’.  

The how

In order to achieve our ‘why’ we need to work differently with our clients. 

Percayso believes that working in partnership is not a catchy marketing angle or just something to say in a sales presentation – it’s our reason for being, it’s how we operate.  

What this means in practice is that we seek to understand our clients’ objectives, needs and pain points and we work with them to find a solution. This means we take the time to understand their business, the strategy, the niche or the overriding mission and we align ourselves with that. It means we operate with absolute transparency and integrity – good, bad or indifferent because we believe that’s the right way to work. 

At Percayso we want to be seen as your trusted advisor, someone to turn to for advice and someone you trust will give you a view based on experience and objectivity. We are data source and supplier agnostic so we can help you navigate the minefield of different suppliers championing their own individual source. We can help you understand which combination of solutions will really work for your business.

So when we are having new conversations with insurance providers, we don’t like to bang on about the data (of course we will if asked being the data nerds we are!) but we think it’s best to concentrate on their business and the exciting difference we can make. 

That drives our ‘why’ and our ‘how’. 

If this sounds like a refreshing change and more like how you would like to do business – we’d really love to hear from you!